The Rudanovsky Foundation is a philanthropic organization supporting the fine arts and related activities. The foundation was established in 2015 by Kara and Pavel Rudanovsky

The foundation is experimenting with the use of blockchain to prove provenance of fine art.


Om 10th of February 2018 Rudanovsky Foundation officially presented world's first blockchain platform for museums, galleries and experts - CryptoArts The presentation was held at ICOM conference (The International Council of Museums).

Culture has always has been a great catalyst for influencing international harmony and peace.

The Rudanovsky Foundation’s objective is to offer a clear alternative harmonious path of culture to the world community, so as to hopefully improve the economic and cultural relationship between nations.


Family office of Rudanovsky Foundation is located at the Petroff Palace. 18th century palace the most significant architectural complex after the Kremlin and is a gem of Russian architecture.